UPDATE: Originally this was going to be a 1956 F-100 build, but I was more partial to the slant-cab design used from '53-'55. The kicker was when someone from the local F-100 club had a '54 with valid registration and plates for sale for $750.

This site was created to document, discuss, and detail the building of a truck completely from scratch using all parts sourced from the web. The truck in question will be a "replica" of a 1954 Ford F100.

Why in the world would I build a hot rod from scratch instead of buying one that was already restored or restoring a factory original? Buying was too expesnive and risky for the price point - everyone that had the work done I wanted, wanted $35K or more and there's never a guarantee that it's done right. To restore an original and have the final truck I dreamed of would require welding, and probably a lot of it...not knowing how to weld, a lot of this work woud have to be professionally done, and that gets expensive fast. So I started to look for trucks that had been started and had most of the welding work done but not a lot else - those too were north of $20K! So I started to look at what it would cost to buy some of the parts pre-fabricated and I noticed that to build a complete, high-end replica that would fool anyone costs just about as much as a high-end restoration. Hence, my idea was born.


This site will describe and document, in as much detail as possible, the building of a replica 1954 Ford F100 Pickup in the garage of my Irvine, California apartment. I will talk about the tools and build setup I plan on using with pictures included. I will provide spaces for you to comment and provide suggestions and critiques.

My plan is to post this site to a few willing forums and have the discussions there versus adding any type of forum capabilities to this site as that is something I'm not that interested in maintaining. In addition, already established forums will have many more qualified and experienced people than my site could attract in the timeframe I plan on going for.

Currently, I'm planning on starting this project early (January) 2014. Any reason for that date? Yes - with any luck, at that point, my student loans and other miscellaneous debts will be paid off and I will be a free man! So what better way to celebrate financial freedom than another round of crushing debt ;-)

The Build

The ultimate goal of the build will be three fold: build a fuel efficient daily driver that is mostly show quality. Since I do have kids, driving it on a daily basis might not be acheivable, but my goal is to drive it as often as I can in the pleasant Southern Cali weather (almost no rain and definitely no snow).


Tools First things first - Tools
Having moved around a lot in the past few years, my once vast tool collection had dwindled to those neccessary only for minor household tasks. In short, it was radically short of the task of any major vehicle work - such as that proposed here. So what tools will I pick? Snap-on? Mac? Craftsman? And why did I make the decisions I did and what are my initial impressions? Read more about tools

Car Image Planning - Before any orders are made, what's being considered?
Before any parts are ordered or any wrenches are turned, knowing the majority of what needs to be purchased, and where, will ensure a show quality truck at a modest restoration price! Chasis and drivetrain will be the two most important and costly pieces to the build...Read more about plan

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