The Paint

This is the ingredients list for the top coat of my truck.

Shimrin II Formulation

Color Part
1122 grams
Transnebulae Karrier Base
13.7 grams
Gold Dry Pearl
187 grams
Gold Kandy Concentrate Intesifier
Planet Green Shimrin

USC01 Clear

3 parts USC01 Klear
1 part KU152 Catalyst
1 part RU310, 311, 312, 313 RU Series Reducers

Base/Sealer Foundation

  • 1 part KD-3005 (blue)
  • 2 parts KD-3003 (yellow)
  • KDA-3000 Hardener (4:1 Mix Ration KD/KDA)

Paint Application Process

2 Coats of KD-3000 primer/sealer sprayed over DTM high-build primer. 3 coats of “Jerry’s Green” basecoat sprayed over KD-3000 sealer. 3 coats of HOK USC-01 Show Clear applied as finish. All finish products were reduced as needed using HOK RU-311 reducer.

Original color mix from Coast Airbrush

  • 6 parts KBC-14 (Spanish Gold Kandy)
  • 1 part BC-09 (Planet Green Shimrin)

BC09 Replacement

Due to the fact that I could still get BC-09 I used the premixed Shimrin. That said, BC-09 may not be available when it comes time to mix more paint. Here is the formulation for BC-09 (1 gallon) using Shimrin II components:

  • S2-09 - 2978.18 grams
  • FX-03 - 1174.62 grams
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